Manage Your Business Using the Trello Task Management App

  • 10/05/2018
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Trello is a free task management app by Atlassian that may seem like it's mainly for personal use. Colorful, with little cards you slide around and "boards" that look like they belong in an elementary school classroom, the app has secret superpowers that make it a strong candidate for business use. As a project management tool, Trello is meant to help you communicate and organize information. It's versatile enough to help you manage your budget plans, team members' performance reviews, monthly goals and accounting. As an all-purpose project management app, Trello can keep tabs on just about every area of your business.What's so powerful about Trello? In the modern age of complex spreadsheets on Google Docs, apps on our phones that ping us every five seconds, and the total chaos and confusion of social media, this is an app that looks simple and straightforward. It looks like just a few little cards and boards on the screen.

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